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T1 FINAL 2024 Newsletter

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T1 FINAL 2024 Newsletter


St Ita’s Catholic Primary School acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 


    Thanks to everyone in the St Ita’s community for their support and assistance in what was a very challenging and emotional term. It’s great to know that the Easter Season is upon us.

    The teaching staff of St Ita’s continues to go above and beyond to support student learning by adapting and targeting the specific needs of their students. They have worked hard to keep things as normal as possible in an emotionally challenging landscape.

    To you the parents, I say a heartfelt thank you for your support and encouragement. I know that the many conversations we have has been anything but easy and the way you have stayed patient, understanding, positive, and supportive of our school is to be commended.

    I wish all families a safe, happy, and holy Easter break, and use this time to reset, relax, and spend time quality time with your family and loved ones.


    A reminder to all parents that in line with our Child Safety policies and procedures, and after a review of our current practices, we have structured our Friday assemblies to finish early so that all students are taken back to their classroom and dismissed from there by their teacher. We thank you for your support in helping us to create a child-safe learning environment.


    Now that we have said farewell and bon voyage to Taylor Swift as she signs off on the Australian leg of an amazingly successful tour. I would like to explore elements of her persona, to highlight what she does that could be used to inspire our students of today and leaders of tomorrow.

    The proof is well and truly in the pudding. The interest in this year’s Super Bowl, her potential influence on U.S. politics, and even the impact her concerts have on the Australian economy (did you know 60 additional flights had to be booked from Brisbane to Sydney) to name just one example. Whilst I’m not into her music, I appreciate her character and the positive influence she has on her worldwide fan base.

    There is so much about Taylor Swift that makes her a great role model to our school leaders both students and leaders. Here is some of what we can learn from Taylor Swift

    Embrace Change: Taylor Swift is known for reinventing herself with every album release. As a school leader, embrace change and adaptability. Stay open to new ideas and methods, even if they challenge the status quo.

    Authenticity Matters: Swift's success lies in her authenticity. Be genuine in your interactions with staff, students, and parents. Transparency and honesty build trust and respect within the school community.

    Empower Others: Swift surrounds herself with a talented team and trusts them to do their jobs. Empower your staff by delegating tasks and giving them the autonomy to make decisions. Encourage and support their professional growth and development.

    Stay Resilient: Throughout her career, Swift has faced numerous challenges and setbacks. Develop resilience to navigate through difficult times in education. Learn from failures and setbacks, and bounce back stronger.

    Communicate Effectively: Swift's ability to connect with her audience through her music is unparalleled. Similarly, effective communication is essential for school leaders. Listen actively, communicate clearly, and foster open dialogue within the school community.

    Foster a Positive Culture: Swift's music often promotes messages of love, empowerment, and resilience. Create a positive school culture where kindness and inclusivity are celebrated. Encourage students and staff to support each other and celebrate successes.

    Lead with Vision: Swift's career is guided by a clear vision of who she wants to be as an artist. As a school leader, articulate a compelling vision for the school that inspires and motivates others. Lead by example and demonstrate a commitment to achieving the school's goals.

    Be Adaptable: Swift has successfully transitioned between different music genres and styles. In a constantly evolving educational landscape, be adaptable and flexible in your approach. Embrace innovation and change to meet the needs of your students.

    Stay True to Yourself: Above all, stay true to who you are as a leader. Just as Swift stays true to her artistic vision, lead with integrity and stay true to your values and principles as a school leader. Your authenticity will inspire others to do the same.


    1. Wednesday 27th March - last day Term 1
    2. Thursday 28th March - pupil free day
    3. Friday 29th March - Good Friday
    4. Monday 15th April - pupil free day
    5. Tuesday 16th April - Term 2 starts all students
    6. Thursday 25th April - Anzac Day
    7. Friday 26th April - pupil free day
    8. Monday 10th June - King's Birthday
    9. Tuesday 11th June - Pupil Free day
    10. Thursday 27th June - last day Term 2
    11. Friday 28th June - pupil free day
    12. Monday 15th July - pupil free day
    13. Tuesday 16th July - Term 3 starts all students
    14. Friday 20th Sept - last day Term 3
    15. Monday 7th Oct - Term 4 starts all students
    16. Monday 4th Nov - pupil free day
    17. Tuesday 5th Nov - Melbourne Cup
    18. Tuesday 17th Dec - last day term 4


    Thursday 28th March - Whole School Closure - no students
    Friday 29th March - Good Friday
    Monday 15th April - Whole School Closure - no students
    Wednesday 8th May - School Photos 




    On Wednesday, May 8th, Schoolpix will be attending to capture our student’s school photos.

    All students must be dressed in full WINTER school uniform.

    All students must also be wearing black school shoes and their jumpers.

    Please do not send your child to school dressed in sports uniform.

    Children who usually have PE classes on a Wednesday are asked to please bring their sports shoes in their schoolbag. It is most important that all students are dressed in a presentable and uniform manner.

    GIRLS. . . . . . WINTER

    Blue tartan tunic

    Royal blue polo shirt with school logo

    Navy blue tights or long navy blue socks

    Black lace-up or buckle, leather shoes

    Royal blue windcheater/jumper with school logo

    Black lace-up or buckle, leather shoes

    BOYS. . . . . . WINTER

    Dark grey trousers

    Royal blue polo shirt with school logo

    Royal blue windcheater/jumper with school logo

    Grey socks   

    Black lace-up or buckle, leather shoes





    School fee statements have now been forwarded to all families, fees for Term 1 were due and payable by 24th February 2024 please ensure your fee payments are up to date.  All school fees must be finalised in the year that they are incurred.

    A reminder that you are still able to take advantage of the discount for early payment.  School fees paid in full by the 31st of March are eligible for a 5% discount on Term Fees ($54.00).

    Direct debit payments can be arranged at any time, please contact Beck Bradley (03) 5623 7222 or to discuss payment options.



    An application on behalf of a student may be submitted if the student is:

    • a Victorian resident;
    • school-aged and enrolled (3) three or more days per week at a school; and

    A student who meets the above requirements may be eligible if they:

    • attend their nearest appropriate non-government school/campus
    • reside 4.8km or more by the shortest practicable route from the school attended

    Note: Eligibility is assessed when the School completes your child’s application on the Student Conveyance Allowance System

    (SCAS). If approved, the allowance payable is based on the one-way distance to make the journey to and from school.

    If you are eligible and wish to apply for this allowance, please CLICK HERE for the link to the Conveyance Allowance Application Form, which must be printed and completed, and returned to the school office by Monday 4th March, 2024. Late claims cannot be accepted.

    You must complete a new application even if you previously applied for this allowance.





    Congratulations to all of the students and families who were winners in our Giant Easter Raffle.  We have raised a significant amount of money for the Parents & Friends Association, which will go a long way to making improvements to our great school.

    ART - Term 1


    Contact: Heath Mills


    Mobile:  0499 007 031

    BIG Emotions



    Our children often express their big feelings more often in their safe space at home, which can sometimes be confronting for their family.

    Freely expressing themselves at home is a positive sign that your child feels safe and secure enough to share their feelings openly with you.

    Big emotions are a natural and important part of your child’s development, your role is to teach your child how to understand, express, and regulate their emotions effectively.

    When your child is expressing these big emotions at home you can;

    • Validate their feelings: Let your child know that it's okay to feel the way they do. Acknowledge their feelings and show empathy.
    • Listen actively: Pay attention to what your child is saying and how they are expressing themselves. Encourage them to talk about their feelings without judgement.
    • Provide a safe space: Create an environment where your child feels comfortable expressing their emotions without fear of criticism or punishment.
    • Teach coping strategies: Help your child develop healthy ways to manage their emotions, such as deep breathing, journaling, or engaging in physical activity.
    • Model emotional regulation: Children learn by example, so demonstrate how to handle difficult emotions calmly and constructively.
    • Offer support: Be there for your child during challenging times, and offer reassurance, comfort, and guidance when needed.
    • Seek Professional help if needed: If your child’s emotions seem overwhelming or persistent, consider seeking support from a counsellor or mental health professional.

     If your child is exhibiting big emotions, having emotional meltdowns, or struggling to regulate their emotions and you’re a needing some extra tips, resources, or support reach out to Heath from Anglicare who is onsite each Thursday, or via email or phone 0499 007 031



    Camp Australia Co-Ordinator: Carmelina De Cesari

    Contact Number: 1300 105 343




    Don’t back down!


    Jesus and the authorities were never going to get on! Jesus won’t stop courageously delivering the Good News of the already present Kingdom of God, and, after his temple challenge, events seem inevitable. The authorities were always going to get rid of him, but they wanted to carry out the operation without causing a major riot. Waiting a few days, they arrest Jesus on trumped up charges with a guilty verdict and execution a forgone conclusion. (Peaceful protesters around the world get similar treatment from 21st century bullies and dictators).

    Mark’s “Passion Narrative” in the Palm Sunday gospel (Mark 14:1-15:47) gives us a complete account of Jesus final days, his trial, death and resurrection. Jesus has opportunities to back down, avoiding suffering, humiliation, and death, but he is on a mission.

    From this and the other gospels, we know the story with the eyes of faith, but what does history tell us? Serious scholars, whether Christian or not, agree that Jesus certainly existed. Disinterested and non-Christian sources support the bare bones of our gospel accounts and many of the events we Christians attribute to him are historically verifiable. 

    One thing is certain: he was condemned to death during the reign of Tiberius, by the governor Pontius Pilate. We have that information from Tacitus, the famous Roman historian. Getting rid of the leader should have scared off his followers and sympathisers. But Flavius Josephus (the famous Romanised Jewish writer) “says the same thing and adds some interesting details: Jesus “attracted many Jews and many people of Greek origin. And when Pilate, because of an accusation lodged by some of our leaders, condemned him to the cross, those who loved him did not stop loving him.” (Pagola p353). Soon after fleeing in disarray, those Jews and Greeks are back! They (and we) experience an astounding Easter surprise!

    Deacon Mark Kelly


    Phone: (03) 5623 1642 Email:


    RCIA. Becoming Catholic


    Congratulations and welcome to Nicole McCormack, Alison Cole, and Benjamin Clover, our candidates who will be welcomed into the Church at the Easter Vigil on Saturday 30th March 7.30 pm at St. Joseph’s Church Warragul, and our baptised Catholics Daniel Cranitch, Michael De Battista and Connor Hopley who will be Confirmed. All parishioners are welcome and invited to come into the Marian Room after Mass to celebrate with them. Could you please bring a plate of supper to share.

    If you are interested and would like more information about the Catholic faith you can contact Joan Robertson or Fr. Brendan, Fr. Antony at the Parish Office: 56231642, or Deacon Mark Kelly: 0427748646.


    “Live Your Best Married Life in Love”

    Every relationship is a journey and the grind of everyday life can cause you to lose touch with your spouse.

    This experience gives married couples the tools to keep their passion alive in a gentle, nurturing environment, away from the pressures and distractions of daily living.

    The weekend is based around Catholic values and couples of all faiths are welcome.

    Please check our website for more details.

     12-14 April 2024 in  Melbourne

    Information/Bookings: Phone Mercy & James 0409 183 676 or



     Father Brendan's Silver Jubilee

    Sunday 21st April. Sunday masses (9 am and 10:30 am) will be collapsed and replaced by one mass at 11 am to be held at Marist Sion College Hall followed by a light lunch. 

    More details to follow. 



    Check out our Catholic Parishes of Warragul & Drouin Facebook presence.




    The Gippsland Performing Arts Centre (GPAC) has programmed two children’s workshops over the Easter Holidays which are great for kids, but especially helpful for young people with ASD.

    They also are wonderful at helping to develop and scaffold social skills.

    Red Nose Clowning (ages 9-12) and Fractured Fairytales (ages 5 – 8) are fun, playful workshops – where the learning and social interaction are highly structured and very specific.

    Tickets are only $5, but if any family is struggling and needs assistance, they could reach out to me directly.

    Would it be possible to forward this information to teachers, parents, and guardians through your networks?

    The two workshops are:

    Wednesday, April 3, Follow Your Red Nose Clown Workshop: Ages 9 – 12, 10am to 12pm

    Tuesday, April 9, Fractured Fairytale Workshop: Ages 5 – 8, 1 pm to 3 pm

    Parents can book by visiting the webpage:

    Follow Your (Red) Nose! | Latrobe City Council

    Fractured Fairytales Drama Workshop | Latrobe City Council

    Or the Box Office: 03 5176 3333.