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T4 W10 2020 Newsletter

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T4 W10 2020 Newsletter


We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we are situated and remind you that we are gathered on Aboriginal land.

We acknowledge the Elders of this land both past and present.



To the people of Israel, God sent prophets to proclaim his presence to them, to help them to realise what God was saying to them in the events of their history. The last of the prophets was John the Baptist. Like Isaiah, he was “sent”. His particular mission was to point out to the people of his time and country that God was operating in the world. As “witness to the Light” he showed them that the “light” was about to come into the world. He announced the presence of Christ and pointed to where he was by identifying him to the people. 

In being commissioned as a witness, each Christian acts as a prophet. And like the prophets who operated before the time of Christ, each Christian is given the Spirit of the Lord and is sent to a particular people, namely the people who are part of his life.

Our lives should proclaim the presence of Christ in the world. We should be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, hear his inspirations and be responsive to his power. It is the Holy Spirit who makes Jesus present to us and helps us understand who he is. The Spirit opens our eyes so that we don’t miss seeing Jesus present in our lives. And, by reading the signs of the times we should know what God is saying to us and to others, and what he is asking of us, in the daily events of our lives. We will truly be Advent people!

Deacon Mark Kelly  


Christmas Eve Vigil Masses (Thursday 24th December)

5.30pm St Ignatius, Neerim South

6.00pm St Ita’s, Drouin

7.00pm Marist-Sion, Warragul

8.00pm St Ita’s, Drouin

9.00pm Marist-Sion Warragul


Christmas Day Masses (Friday 25th December)

8.30am St Ita’s, Drouin

9.00am St Joseph’s, Warragul

9.00am St Ignatius, Neerim South

10.30am St Ita’s, Drouin

11.00am St Joseph’s, Warragul

You must book to come to Christmas Masses subject to Covid-19 arrangements.

Go to

This will bring up the list of Masses.

Click on book now button and follow the prompts

Click on the Mass you wish to attend (please only choose one Mass)

Then click on the number of tickets required.

 (Please note Children over 12 months need to have a ticket booked)

Then fill in your details.

Click on purchase ticket. TICKETS ARE FREE.

Make sure that you have completed the purchase of your ticket by checking your email confirmation. If you do not get an email confirming your ticket please contact the parish office.

(You don’t need to print or bring your ticket.)

Trybookings for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses will open from Monday 21st December.

If you have any issues please call Prue at the Parish office p: 5623 1642. 




While there is now no need to book in for weekday masses, it is still required to book in for Sunday masses.

To make this easier we are now offering on-line bookings.
For those who cannot do this it will still be possible to phone the parish and book in.

Go to
This will bring up the list of Masses.
Click on book now button and follow the prompts.
Click on the Mass you wish to attend (please only choose one Mass).
Then click on the number of tickets required. (Please note Children over 12 months need to have a ticket booked).
Then fill in your details.
Click on purchase ticket. TICKETS ARE FREE.

Make sure that you have completed the purchase of your ticket by checking your email confirmation. If you do not get an email confirming your ticket please contact the office. (You don’t need to print or bring your ticket.)

Warragul and Drouin Masses are strictly limited to 80 people and Neerim South 50 people.

You must book to come to Sunday Masses. Please do not just turn up, you must book.
If you need help, or have any questions please call Prue at the Parish Office on phone: 5623 1642 between 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday.


Check out our Catholic Parishes of Warragul & Drouin Facebook presence.


    Yesterday your child had the opportunity to experience their class for next year during our annual transition day and it all went very smoothly.

    The sorting of children into class groupings is a complex and time-consuming process where teachers are expected to exercise and make professional judgments. It’s all about identifying the particular social emotional and academic needs of all our children and making sure there is a balance across each grade level.

    Groupings of children are based on a number of factors such as:

    • Current educational philosophies held by the school
    • Social, emotional, physical and academic needs of the children within the cohort
    • Gender balance
    • Student behaviour
    • Children who work well together / children who don’t work well together
    • Family siblings or family relations
    • Court Orders or Legal Interventions

    Occasionally we receive parental feedback that their child is unhappy or emotional when they find they are not in the same class as their best friend/s. Whilst we will always do our best to make sure children have good social connections within classrooms, it is often the case that best friends, doesn’t always make for best learning.

    The strong message across all our grades at St Ita's is that class time is for learning and recess and lunch times are for socializing. If your child comes home disappointed that they are not in the same grade as their best friend, use this as a teachable moment to give your child the skills and capacity to be resilient and work through the situation. It’s great preparation for students going into secondary school and moving into the working world with people you have never met before. It is also a great opportunity for children to develop an inclusive, resilient mindset and develop new friendships.

    Our classes and teachers are now locked in for the 2021 school year and unless it is an error from our end, we will not be making changes to any classrooms as doing so creates a domino effect across levels.

    Our experience shows us that children are naturally nervous or anxious when moving to their new classroom but we find that once they have their orientation experience and they come back from the end of year break they settle very quickly into their new environment.

    Keep well everyone and thank you for your ongoing support.

    Class Structure 2021


    Mrs. Robyn Fogarty


    Mrs. Jess Carroll


    Mrs. Nicola Ablett & Mrs. Caitlin Noonan

    Grade 1

    Mrs. Ann Gleeson

    Grade 1

    Miss. Hayley Roberts

    Grade 1

    Mrs. Monique Kiezenberg & Mrs. Jacqui Greco

    Grade 2

    Mrs. Leonie Treller

    Grade 2

    Mrs. Megan McKellar & Mrs. Caitlin Hatch

    Grade 2

    Mrs. Liz Schellekens & Mrs. Mandy Buttner

    Grade 3

    Mrs. Rosie Van den Broek & Mrs. Michelle Pitt

    Grade 3

    Mr. James Ollington

    Grade 4

    Mr. Tyler Attwell

    Grade 4

    Mrs. Kiara Lehman

    Grade 5/6

    Mr. Cory Monckton & Mrs. Anastasia Rossi

    Grade 5/6

    Mrs. Tania Masut

    Grade 5/6

    Ms. Bronwyn Wallace

    Grade 5/6

    Mr. Joseph Black

    Phys. Ed.

    Mr. Paul Carroll


    Mrs. Catherine McKenna

    Digital Technology

    Mrs. Jessica Winterton


    Miss. Gabby Hopgood


    Mr. Nicholas Gregory



    This end of the year brings many joys, and also some sadness for the St Ita's learning community.

    Our multi talented, highly skilled, creative Artist, Musician and Drama specialist extraordinaire, Mrs Jenny Adrichem will be ending her time on staff at St Ita’s.

    Jenny has been a dedicated and outstanding teacher at St Ita’s since 2002.  Her passion for the Arts is something that she has always shared with our students during her specialist classes, arts shows, concerts, Eisteddfods and music events.

    When I witnessed my first St Ita’s whole school concert, I was totally blown away by the quality of the “Cecil B. Damille type production” that she put together, with the support of students, teachers and parents.

    She has been an amazing influence over so many children during her time at St Ita’s and we wish to thank her and wish her every success in retirement.

    Put your feet up, sit back and relax a little, Jenny, and “May God Bless You” as you relax into retirement.



    A reminder to our Grade 6 parents that tomorrow, Thursday 10th December, our Grade 6 Graduation ceremony will take place onsite.

    In line with the current Covid-19 expectations, we are now able to allow one parent from each family to attend the formal part of the Graduation Ceremony to be held in our school hall between 9.00am and 11.00am on Thursday 10th December. Each parent attending will need to sign in at the hall and wear a mask during the ceremony.

    Please reverse park along the school fenceline at the Drouin Rec Reserve and access the school via the Rec Reserve School gate to walk down to the school hall.

    Please do not park in the Church car park tomorrow as there is a funeral in the church and the car park is required. 


    End of year reports will be distributed to all parents electronically on Monday 14th December via the nforma CEPL parent portal, the same as mid year. Please use your user name and password to log in or create a new account for new families to the school.

    It is highly recommended that you use a computer to access your child’s reports for the first time. Subsequent logins can be made on a mobile device if preferred.

    For new accounts, once you have followed the instructions & updated your password, you will be able to view your child’s report online.

    You can also use the following link:

    Once in the portal you will need to:

    • choose your child (if you have more than one at our school) and then
    • choose 'Assessment and Reporting'.
    • select the year/semester. eg 2020/Semester 2 (December 2020 report).

    Forgotten passwords:

    If you have forgotten your password, please follow the 'forgotten password' link.

    Please note that your new password needs to be at least 7 characters long and must include at least one non alpha-numeric character, e.g. *, - / or similar.

    If you have requested a password reset and the email does not appear, please look in your junk/spam folder for an email from


    We have had a number of our grade 6 students making their Confirmation this year. It has been a very different journey for them due to COVID 19. They have participated in Zoom information sessions and zoom workshops. These have been supplemented by their Confirmation unit of work in class.

    A special 'thanks' needs to go to Therese Meggetto for all her hard work in ensuring we could go ahead with this very special Sacrament.


    We congratulate the remainder of our St Ita’s students whom made their Confirmation last week: Maddi Carbonneau, Remi Elton, Cody Welch, Harry Gargan, Harper Saddington, Jess Atherton, Jesse Jagoe, Jett Driscoll, Maisy Hickmott, Georgia Davidson and Lexie Pinnuck. 



    The last day of term 4 for all students will be next week on Wednesday 16th December at the normal finish time of 3.20pm. Buses will run at the normal time of 3.30pm.

    On Wednesday 16th December, the last day of term, all teachers and staff will be attending a compulsory First Aid training requirement throughout the day on a rotating roster. Students may be in different classes or have different relief teachers on this Wednesday rather than their regular class teacher.

    There are no specialist classes next week, therefore students will not have PE, Library, Japanese, Art/Music or Digital Tech.

    On Monday 14th December, the teachers and students only will attend a  final school assembly in our school hall. Due to COVID-19 expectations and regulations & the size restriction of our school hall, we are unable to have parents attend the assembly. The assembly will be recorded and posted for parents to watch later in the evening. 

    TERM 1, 2021

    Term 1 will commence for all students on Friday 29th January, 2021 at 8.50am. Next year we won't be conducting the student assessment days on the first two days of school therefore the first day of school for all students will be Friday.

    School buses in the Drouin network will operate as of Friday 29th January.

    Thursday 28th January is a school closure day for students and will be a RE planning day as well as a Teaching and Learning Planning day.  



    If there are any families contemplating a move from St Ita’s in the 2020 school year it is important that we are informed of your intentions so places can be offered to families who are currently on waiting lists. Please contact our school Principal if you are considering a move on p: 5623 7222 or via email:



    There is no more borrowing from the school library this term. We ask that all books be returned promptly as we are currently stocktaking.

    BOOK CLUB orders now closed for Term 4

    Book Club orders are now closed for delivery to school this term. 




    The last day for school canteen lunch orders will be this Friday 11th December.

    The school canteen will be closed as of Monday 14th December.
    School finishes Wednesday 16th December.



    2020 school fees are now due & payable. All school fees must be paid in full by the end of December. Please contact the school office this week should you need to discuss your 2020 school fee payment.

    If any families would like to set up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit schedule for next year, please complete the Direct Debit Form below and return to the school office prior to 07 December 2020 for payments commencing in January or by Monday 1st February 2021 for payments commencing February 2021. Please calculate the total fees payable by the number of weeks/payments required. For any assistance please contact the school Admin office via email on:

    For any families that have recently received a Government means-tested health care concession card, please forward a copy of your card to the office to check your eligibility, as a fee concession may apply. The card must be in the name of the parent/fee payer for a fee concession to apply. 

    If your current Health Care card is due to expire this year and your card is re-issued, please send a copy of your new card details to the office as soon as possible for the concession to be checked and applied for next year's fees, if not already done so.

    For any families impacted financially by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and/or have concerns about your financial situation regarding school fees, please contact Mr Andrew Osler on 5623 7222 during the hours of 9am-3pm Monday to Friday, or via email: so that he can explore confidential financial support arrangements with you.