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T4 W7 2020 Newsletter

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T4 W7 2020 Newsletter


We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we are situated and remind you that we are gathered on Aboriginal land.

We acknowledge the Elders of this land both past and present.

NAIDOC WEEK: 8 - 15 November 2020

The National Aborigines and Islander Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) was formed in the 1920’s to increase the awareness of Australians in regards to the plight of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
NAIDOC week celebrates the achievements, history and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and last week our students had the opportunity to uphold this tradition and continue to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and cultures within their classrooms.
The theme for 2020 is ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’.

Artwork by Alisha Jamieson & Taylah Wassenberg- Grade 4L


Grade 2S/B & 2T: Aboriginal artwork of using aboriginal symbols to create a piece of art based on the meaning of each symbol. The main circular symbols are the campsites and then the tracks lead to each campsite or waterhole. The other symbols are like spears, shields, emu, goanna and witchery grub symbols. 



Christ the King is the feast we celebrate to conclude the church year, reflecting on the Corinthians reading (1 Cor 15:20-26,28) about Christ gathering the kingdom at the end of time for presentation to God the Father and also the Matthew gospel (Matt 25:31-46) indicating our judgement criteria. St Paul, the writer of Corinthians, initially expected the world to end soon but later recognised it might not. In the United States, I have witnessed marchers carrying placards announcing “the end of the world is nigh”, claiming to have a blow by blow account of God’s master plan for the end of the world. But Jesus discourages us from wasting time on such speculation (Matt 24:36.4). Instead, he leads us to a deeper understanding of God’s Kingdom, of his hopes for us and promises to return in glory to judge the living and the dead.

Though we don’t have all that much detail about the “end of the world” or “the last Judgement”, scripture and church teaching tell us of Heaven to which we aspire, Purgatory, where we may be purified if we die not entirely prepared for heaven, and of Hell, the option of rejecting God’s kingdom in our free will. In Matthew’s gospel imagery, Jesus, our universal king, ultimately judges our fate. On the one hand we should rejoice because we know he loves us absolutely, infinitely and intimately. But on the other, how have we shown our love for him?

When Pope John XXIII was asked, “Why do you keep talking on love?” He replied, “Because Jesus told us that it is on love that we will be judged”. Christ the King, the judge, doesn’t demand we jump through confusing hoops or have a clinical understanding of end times. Simply this: that we have loved him through concrete acts of mercy to those around us who are less fortunate.

Deacon Mark Kelly  



As of Wednesday 28th October, we are now permitted to gather inside our church in groups of 20 for prayer or Mass, taking the necessary precautions by making a booking to attend, keeping distant, wearing a mask and leaving your contact details. Please book your attendance with the Parish Office.

Under these new provisions Masses are now as follows:


5.30 pm at St Ignatius’ Neerim South

7 pm at St Joseph’s Warragul


9.00 am & 11.00 am at St Joseph’s Warragul
8.30 am & 10.30 am at St Ita’s Drouin

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:
9.30 am at St Joseph’s Warragul

9.00 am at St Ita’s Drouin

5.30pm at St Joseph’s Warragul


9.30 am at St Ita’s Drouin

Because of the restricted numbers indoors it will be necessary to book by phoning the Parish Office to attend a Mass. 

Parish Office Phone: 5623 1642


Check out our Catholic Parishes of Warragul & Drouin Facebook presence.



      A question I am often asked by parents is “How are children grouped in grades each year when there is more than one stream of the grade?”

      The sorting of children into class groupings is a complex and time consuming process where teachers are expected to exercise and make professional judgments. It’s all about identifying the particular social emotional and academic needs of all our children and making sure there is a balance across each grade level.

      Groupings of children are based on a number of factors such as:

      • Current educational philosophies held by the school
      • Social, emotional, physical and academic needs of the children within the cohort
      • Gender balance
      • Student behaviour
      • Children who work well together / children who don’t work well together
      • Family siblings or family relations
      • Court Orders or Legal Interventions

      Occasionally we receive parental feedback that their child is unhappy or emotional when they find they are not in the same class as their best friend/s. Whilst we will always do our best to make sure children have good social connections within classrooms, it is often the case that best friends, doesn’t always make for best learning.

      The strong message across all our grades at St Ita’s is that class time is for learning and recess and lunch times are for socializing. If your child comes home disappointed that they are not in the same grade as their best friend, use this as a teachable moment to give your child the skills and capacity to be resilient and work through the situation. It’s great preparation for students going into secondary school and moving into the working world with people you have never met before. It is also a great opportunity for children to develop an inclusive, resilient mindset and develop new friendships.



      If there are any families contemplating a move from St Ita’s in the 2020 school year it is important that we are informed of your intentions so places can be offered to families who are currently on waiting lists. Please contact our school Principal if you are considering a move on p: 5623 7222 or via email:




      With the current Covid-19 restrictions outlined by DOSCEL and the Department of Education, we have made the decision to run this year’s grade 6 Graduation as an in-house event at school. We have made this decision, so we have something in place for our graduating students to celebrate. The date of our Grade 6 Graduation will be Thursday 10th December.

      The Graduation day will start with a Liturgy in our school hall and students will be presented with their graduating Bibles, this will be followed by the award presentations. We will record this presentation for families to watch later in the evening. The children will then have morning tea and have opportunities to take some photos with their graduating peers and have their graduation bears signed.

      The students will now be bused to the Neerim South outdoor pool and children will have hot chips for lunch. The children will return to school by 3.00pm. Children can wear graduation attire for presentations and then change into appropriate clothing for the pool.

      Whilst this year’s graduation will be very different from previous years, we hope parents understand that the graduation is about the children. We will run this event exclusive to them, to make sure it is a memorable highlight as they finish their time at St Ita’s.

      Unfortunately, the Graduation will not be open for parents and siblings to attend, however, as outlined above, we will record the Graduation Liturgy and the student awards so that parents can download and watch.

      We thank you for your continued support through these different and often challenging times. It is very much appreciated.



      Parents are asked to place any requests specific to the needs of their child/ren based on the following understandings and guidelines:  

      • All requests for consideration must be directed in email to no later than Friday 27th November. (No requests will be considered after this date.)
      • We do not offer guarantees with any parent requests. Factors for consideration will help to inform our process – it does not guarantee student placements
      • The request must be based on individual student needs and not for preferred teachers, friendships groups or social relationships that occur outside of school
      • Email requests from parents will be considered for the upcoming school year only. Email request can be sent to
      • I will meet with and inform all relevant staff of parent input prior to formation of classes. 

      Thanks to those parents who have put in written requests relating to their child. We appreciate your input and will do our best to make things work for your child if the request is deemed fair and in line with our request procedures. Once groupings have been decided upon, and announced to the learning community in mid December, there will be no changes made to classes as it creates a domino effect.



      We have finalised our class structures for the 2021 school year and they will be as follows:

      3 x Foundation classes

      3 x Grade 1’s 

      2 x Grade 2’s

      2 x Grade 3’s

      2 x Grade 4’s

      4 x Grade 5/6’s

      Over the next 2 weeks, staff will be working on sorting children into class groupings. Grouping of students into classes is an extremely complex and time-consuming process.

      Each year teachers have conversations with children asking whom they would like to be with in the following year: this can be a friend or learning buddy. There are pros and cons with this process as sometimes, best friends are not always the best support for their personal learning.

      It is important that there is a collective understanding in this space by both parents and children to understand that being in the same class with their ‘best friends’ or social acquaintances outside of school is never a given. Teachers will use their professional judgment on what they see each day within the classroom and more importantly the positive or negative impacts that friendships can have on an individual students learning.




      This is a reminder to parents that the procedure for the Drouin Rec Reserve pick up and drop off is currently by a car-line queue only. The speed limit around the Drouin Rec is only 10km and we ask all parents to please slow down when entering the Rec reserve and driving to/from the car line queue. Please wait patiently in line until you reach the front of the queue in front of the school access gates where your child will be assisted by teachers on duty.

      Cars should not be parking to drop off or pick up children at the Drouin Rec Reserve.  If you wish to park and pick up children please do so along Victoria St and walk to the front of the school administration to collect your child.



      On Wednesday 25th November, St Ita's Mini Vinnies team invite all students to wear casual clothes instead of their school uniform to say 'thank-you' for donating non-perishable food items to the St Vinnies Drouin food pantry.

      Students are requested to bring a long any of the below non-perishable food items to donate to St Vinnies between now and Wednesday 25th November, if they haven't done so already.

      • CEREAL
      • RICE
      • SUGAR
      • TEA
      • COFFEE
      • UHT MILK

      The St Ita’s community have always gone above and beyond to help support the amazing work of the Drouin branch of St Vincent de Paul Society. Our “Vinnies” group, as it’s affectionately known, is located within the St Ita’s Parish and works to support and assists those in our local community struggling with poverty, homelessness and tough times. Our student group, Mini Vinnies also works hand in hand to support this amazing group of volunteers.



      Our school photos were taken today by Schoolpix.

      Due to COVID-19 there will not be a Group class photo taken this year, however they will provide a Composite class style photo taken from individual student portraits.

      Schoolpix school photos are to be ordered on-line for any families wishing to purchase their child's school photos. Order forms were sent home last week with your child's unique ordering code. Further details are attached. All students were photographed today, regardless of whether photos are ordered. All orders must be received on-line by Friday 20th November for free delivery back to the school.  

      Orders placed after Friday 20th November will incur a postage fee to your nominated address at the time of ordering and will not be sent to the school.

      For seperated families, please note the same ordering codes apply for your children. Ordering details are attached below on how to use the student search to order additional photos for seperated families. Alternatively, please contact the school office for your child's unique order ID. Ph: 5623 7222 or via email:

      The school code for all St Ita's student orders is: 20830.


      Foundation, Grade 1 & Grade 2

      Friday 20th November

      9am - 1pm.

      This Friday, Foundation, Grade 1 & Grade 2 students are to wear their house colours or their sports uniform to school and must wear their runners, bring a water bottle, apply sunscreen and wear a hat.

      Parents, please respond via Operoo for your child to participate in this school event on Friday.


      Last Wednesday 11th November our Liturgy and School Captains conducted an on-line Remembrance Day Service for all our students to attend via a Google meet in their classroom which concluded with a minute silence.
      A huge thankyou to all families who bought RSL merchandise for Remembrance Day. 
      We sold $880.50 worth of items.  Of the money raised, half goes back to RSL headquarters and Warragul RSL will use their half for supporting veterans.
      Thanks again for your support.  


      Our new 2021 Foundation students will attend their first Orientation session on Monday 23rd November from 9.30am to 10.45am.  Please meet at the Drouin Rec Reserve School Gate at 9.30am and return at 10.45am. Please bring a named water bottle. Children can wear their school uniform if they have one.

      Monday 23rd November Foundation Orientation
      9.30 – 10:45am
      Student only
      Meet on Drouin Recreation Reserve
      Monday 30th November Foundation Orientation
      9.30 – 10:45am
      Student only
      Meet on Drouin Recreation Reserve
      Tuesday 8th December Foundation Orientation
      9.30 – 10:45am
      Student only
      Meet on Drouin Recreation Reserve

      ABSENCES via WEBSITE or SCHOOLZINEAPP - not Skoolbag


      A reminder that we now use the school website or schoolzine app for student absence notification instead of the Skoolbag app. Please delete the skoolbag app from your devices for St Ita's. You can sign up to the schoolzine app via the school website. Please click on the link below for details.

      Alternatively, absences can be sent to teachers by email or Class Dojo prior to 9am or by calling the school office. p: 5623 7222.


      Term 4 school fees are now due & payable. For all families on a direct debit plan, all 2020 school fees must be paid in full by December 2020. If you are on a direct debit plan, please use the statement as a reference only and contact the office if you require any amendments to your plan.

      The 2021 school fee schedule is also available on Care Monkey.

      If any families would like to set up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit schedule for next year, please complete the Direct Debit Form and return to the school office at your earliest convenience or prior to 01 December 2020. Please calculate the total fees payable by the number of weeks/payments required. For any assistance please contact the school Admin office via email on:

      For any families that have recently received a Government means-tested health care concession card, please forward a copy of your card to the office to check your eligibility, as a fee concession may apply. The card must be in the name of the parent/fee payer for a fee concession to apply. 

      If your current Health Care card is due to expire this year and your card is re-issued, please send a copy of your new card details to the office as soon as possible for the concession to be checked and applied for next year's fees, if not already done so.

      For any families impacted financially by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and/or have concerns about your financial situation regarding school fees, please contact Mr Andrew Osler on 5623 7222 during the hours of 9am-3pm Monday to Friday, or via email: so that he can explore confidential financial support arrangements with you.