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T4 W4 2020 Newsletter

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T4 W4 2020 Newsletter


We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we are situated and remind you that we are gathered on Aboriginal land.

We acknowledge the Elders of this land both past and present.



    Grief is a natural response to loss. It might be the loss of a loved one, relationship, pregnancy, pet, job or way of life. Other experiences of loss may be due to children leaving home, infertility and separation from friends and family. The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief is likely to be.

    Grief is expressed in many ways and it can affect every part of your life; your emotions, thoughts and behaviour, beliefs, physical health, your sense of self and identity, and your relationships with others. Grief can leave you feeling sad, angry, anxious, shocked, regretful, relieved, overwhelmed, isolated, irritable or numb.

    Grief has no set pattern. Everyone experiences grief differently. Some people may grieve for weeks and months, while others may describe their grief lasting for years. Through the process of grief, however, you begin to create new experiences and habits that work around your loss.


    Grief is something that takes time to work through. While everyone finds their own way to grieve it's important to have the support of friends and family or someone else, and to talk about your loss when you need to.

    What you can do to help yourself:

    • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
    • Talk to friends and family about how you are feeling, or consider joining a support group.
    • Take care of your physical health. Grieving can be exhausting, so it's important to eat a healthy diet, exercise and sleep.
    • Manage stress – lighten your load by asking friends, family members or work colleagues to help you with some chores or commitments. Relaxation and gentle exercise can be helpful.
    • Do things you enjoy, even if you don’t really feel like doing them.

    How to help a person who is experiencing grief and loss:

    • Many people do not know what to say or do when trying to comfort someone who is grieving. However, often it is the simple offer of love and support that is the most important.
    • Ask how they're feeling. Each day can be different for someone who is grieving; take the time to listen and understand what they are going through.
    • Talk about everyday life too. Their loss and grief does not have to be the focus of all your conversations.
    • Ask them how you can help. A few home cooked meals, doing the shopping, or perhaps offering to go walking or do something enjoyable with them can all help someone through their grief.
    • Encourage them to seek professional support if their grief does not seem to be easing over time.


    Riding the Storm of Loss

    ‘And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”    Haruki Murakami



    During this term we are running a food drive to help replenish the shelves of the non-perishable food stocks in the St Vinnies Drouin Pantry. Families whom wish to donate any of the below non-perishable food items are asked to give the item/s to their child to bring along to their classroom for collection. Our Mini Vinnies team will organise a plain clothes day in mid-November to raise awareness to our students regarding Vinnies "good works".

    One of the biggest issues Vinnies currently face is keeping their Food Banks stocked with basic food supplies. I was hoping as a school community that we could help support their food bank by specifically supporting them to stock up on the following basic foods such as;

    • CEREAL
    • RICE
    • SUGAR
    • TEA
    • COFFEE
    • UHT MILK

    The St Ita’s community have always gone above and beyond to help support the amazing work of the Drouin branch of St Vincent de Paul Society. Our “Vinnies” group, as it’s affectionately known, is located within the St Ita’s Parish and works to support and assists those in our local community struggling with poverty, homelessness and tough times. Our student group, Mini Vinnies also works hand in hand to support this amazing group of volunteers.

    Each year St Ita’s supports the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal however due to Covid-19 we have not been able to help as much as we want to. We hope everyone in our school community can get together and help this amazing group who do so much for those in need in our wider Community.


      Next week the school will be closed on the Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday as well as a school closure day for report writing on Monday 2nd November, the day prior to Melbourne Cup Day. Students do not attend school on these days as the school will be closed.

      The school will be closed for students on the following days: 
      Monday 2nd November - Report Writing School Closure Day
      Tuesday 3rd November - Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday


      Due to current Covid-19 restrictions our students cannot meet together for assembly in our hall. On Friday 6th November, all our students will participate in a Google Meet Assembly on-line at 2.45pm in their classrooms. Our Liturgy team will run the Welcome to Country and prayer. Individual class awards and the Student of the Week will be read out to students by our School Captains. A copy of our Friday assembly will be posted on our new school website for parents to enjoy.

      MASS returns INDOORS - Updated Times

      As of Wednesday 28th October, we are now permitted to gather inside our church in groups of 20 for prayer or Mass, taking the necessary precautions by making a booking to attend, keeping distant, wearing a mask and leaving your contact details. Please book your attendance with the Parish Office.

      Under these new provisions Masses are now as follows:


      5.30 pm at St Ignatius’ Neerim South                                                 

      7 pm at St Joseph’s Warragul


      9.00 am & 11.00 am at St Joseph’s Warragul
      8.30 am & 10.30 am at St Ita’s Drouin

      Monday, Wednesday and Friday:
      9.30 am at St Joseph’s Warragul

      Tuesday and Thursday
      9.30 am at St Ita’s Drouin

      Because of the restricted numbers indoors it will be necessary to book by phoning the Parish Office to attend a Mass. 

      Parish Office Phone: 5623 1642


      Check out our Catholic Parishes of Warragul & Drouin Facebook presence.

      Remembrance Day: Buy a Poppy at school


      On Wednesday 11th November it is Remembrance Day. On this special day, Australians observe one minutes silence at 11am, in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts.

      On behalf of the Warragul RSL, Mrs Buttner (Grade 2) will be selling the following Remembrance Day merchandise from:

      Thursday 29th October to Wednesday the 11th November.

      Student Representatives will attend each class daily selling the following merchandise. We request students have the correct money where possible for purchases.

      RSL Remembrance Day Merchandise:

      • $1 small metal poppy badge
      • $2 fabric poppy badge
      • $3 Wrist Band
      • $4 Bag Tag
      • $5 Fabric poppy badge
      • $5 Pen

      Thank-you for your support.


      The Health nurse, Sarah Howes will be visiting our Foundation students tomorrow. Please return all questionaires tomorrow morning.


      We would like to thank all parents and students for supporting our Crazy Sock day. Together we raised $785 for Catholic Missions.



      During Term 2 and Term 3, St. Ita's received a portion of funding from the 'Sporting Schools' Initiative. The money has been used on a variety of different equipment such as sofcrosse sticks and balls, footballs, soccer balls & tennis balls. Mr Carroll also invested in much needed new High Jump stands/uprights for our Athletics program. In PE, the Grade 5/6s are currently learning Sofcrosse and the Juniors are preparing for their in-house Athletics carnival. 


      Term 4 school fees are now due & payable by Friday 30th October. For all families on a direct debit plan, all 2020 school fees must be paid in full by December 2020. If you are on a direct debit plan, please use this statement as a reference only and contact the office if you require any amendments to your plan.

      The 2021 school fee schedule is also available on Care Monkey.

      If any families would like to set up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit schedule for next year, please complete the Direct Debit Form and return to the school office at your earliest convenience or prior to 01 December 2020. Please calculate the total fees payable by the number of weeks/payments required. For any assistance please contact the school Admin office via email on:

      For any families that have recently received a Government means-tested health care concession card, please forward a copy of your card to the office to check your eligibility, as a fee concession may apply. The card must be in the name of the parent/fee payer for a fee concession to apply. 

      If your current Health Care card is due to expire this year and your card is re-issued, please send a copy of your new card details to the office as soon as possible for the concession to be checked and applied for next year's fees, if not already done so.

      For any families impacted financially by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and/or have concerns about your financial situation regarding school fees, please contact Mr Andrew Osler on 5623 7222 during the hours of 9am-3pm Monday to Friday, or via email: so that he can explore confidential financial support arrangements with you.



      The Schoolpix School Photos will take place on Wednesday 18th November.

      Please make sure all students are neatly presented, wearing their full summer uniform with black school shoes and school jumpers. Grade 6 students are required to wear their bomber jacket in place of the jumper. All students with long hair must tie their hair neatly back using our school colours: red, white, blue or black.

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