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T1 W4 2024 Newsletter

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T1 W4 2024 Newsletter


St Ita’s Catholic Primary School acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 


    This week’s Parent Teacher Interviews have provided teachers an opportunity to share with families how their child is progressing at school. It also allowed parents a chance to share more about their child and how teachers can support them at school and the uniqueness that every child exhibits. Communication between parents and teachers is the key to being able to give every child the best learning opportunity. It is the school’s expectation that every parent is communicated with regularly whether through ClassDojo, phone calls or face-to-face meetings.

    In Andrew’s absence this week I thought it would be timely to discuss teacher and parent communication through ClassDojo and how this can be a great tool to stay connected to your child’s learning. Teachers can communicate photos of student work, comments about student learning, and follow up on any social or behavioural issues occurring on the yard through an instant messaging service. This instant messaging service though doesn’t mean the school is expecting teachers to be responding immediately to any concerns raised, however, we would expect communication to be returned within 24 hours. Any immediate communication required with a teacher or student should be directed to the school office for an appointment to be made or a message to be delivered to the class.

    At school, class teachers must follow specific procedures for sharing and taking photos of children. On enrolment, parents sign a consent form to allow their child's photo to be taken for school purposes. As part of our policies and procedures, staff members are not to store any photographs on their personal devices. During public events, our staff members are required to wear their school badge or the school polo to be easily identifiable. Additionally, any pictures that are uploaded to social media or public places will only be shared with the written consent of parents and/or with pictures de-identified.

    During school events, such as Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country, parents are reminded that they are only permitted to take photos of their own child, and in the event that other children are in the background should not be uploaded to any social media platforms. It is important to note that we have families in our community that have a ‘No Photo Consent’ – these students must not be photographed and shared at any time, hence our strict process to ensure all student's privacies are protected. Thank you for your ongoing support with this.

    Steve Pitt
    Deputy Principal


    Any parents dropping their students off on Victoria Street are encouraged to have their children exit vehicles on the footpath side. We have had a few reports of students exiting vehicles on the main road and being too close to oncoming traffic.


    Lately, we have had parents calling the office after 3.10 pm trying to get messages to their child's classroom regarding pick-up instructions. We will do everything we can to ensure the message reaches your child but be aware that teachers and students begin an end of day pack up process and it can be difficult to get through to classrooms. Please ensure you give your students clear instructions before dropping them off at school and where they are to be collected.


    1. Monday 11th March - Labour Day
    2. Tuesday 12th March - pupil free day
    3. Wednesday 27th March - last day Term 1
    4. Thursday 28th March - pupil free day
    5. Friday 29th March - Good Friday
    6. Monday 15th April - pupil free day
    7. Tuesday 16th April - Term 2 starts all students
    8. Thursday 25th April - Anzac Day
    9. Friday 26th April - pupil free day
    10. Monday 10th June - Kings Birthday
    11. Tuesday 11th June - Pupil Free day
    12. Thursday 27th June - last day Term 2
    13. Friday 28th June - pupil free day
    14. Monday 15th July - pupil free day
    15. Tuesday 16th July - Term 3 starts all students
    16. Friday 20th Sept - last day Term 3
    17. Monday 7th Oct - Term 4 starts all students
    18. Monday 4th Nov - pupil free day
    19. Tuesday 5th Nov - Melbourne Cup
    20. Tuesday 17th Dec - last day term 4
    21. Wednesday 18th Dec - pupil free day
    22. Thursday 19th Dec - pupil free day
    23. Friday 20th Dec - pupil free day


    Friday 8th March  - Whole School Assemby in Hall @ 2.30pm
    Monday 11th March - Labour Day Holiday
    Tuesday 12th March - Whole School Closure Day (no students)
    Wednesday 13th March - Reconciliation Parent/Child Workshop St. Ita’s Hall @ 7pm
    Monday 18th March - Division Tennis
    Thursday 21st March - First Reconciliation @ 7pm
    Friday 22nd March - Whole School Assembly in Hall @ 2.30pm

    Sacrament of Reconciliation Parent/Child Workshop

    A significant number of parents indicated that they would like a Parent/Child workshop, therefore we have decided to hold one on 13th March at St. Ita’s Hall at 7pm. This workshop is not compulsory. Parents, you are your child’s primary educator, we are providing this workshop as an extra support.  At this workshop there will be time for faith sharing with your child, with the option to then share in a wider group, an activity to further assist your child for their first reconciliation, and time spent in the church, familiarising families with the ceremony and a mock reconciliation.

    If you have any concerns, or need more information please contact Liz on 0497 278 540, or contact the Parish office  Ph: 5623 1642





    An application on behalf of a student may be submitted if the student is:

    • a Victorian resident;
    • school aged and enrolled (3) three or more days per week at a school; and

    A student who meets the above requirements may be eligible if they:

    • attend their nearest appropriate non-government school/campus
    • reside 4.8km or more by the shortest practicable route from the school attended

    Note: Eligibility is assessed when the School completes your child’s application on the Student Conveyance Allowance System

    (SCAS). If approved, the allowance payable is based on the one-way distance to make the journey to and from school.

    If you are eligible and wish to apply for this allowance, please CLICK HERE for the link to the Conveyance Allowance Application Form, which must be printed and completed and returned to the school office by Monday 4th March, 2024. Late claims cannot be accepted.

    You must complete a new application even if you have applied for this allowance previously.





    The winners of this weeks class awards are below.

    Foundation C Week 1-2 Paige Johnston Sol Pater
    Foundation C Week 3-4 Caylee Parker Zacarias Martinez-Villalobos
    Foundation HN Week 1-2 Mia Dunscombe Xavier Fowler
    Foundation HN Week 3-4 Luna Love Matilda Hudgell
    Foundation K Week 1-2 Airlie Timson Oakley Gleeson
    Foundation K Week 3-4 Oscar Proctor Darcy Dore
    Grade 1CW Week 1-2 Chase Blencowe Harlow Minihan
    Grade 1CW Week 3-4 Mahli Robley Ben Saunders
    Grade 1G Week 1-2 Ivy Bennetto Nathan Hately
    Grade 1G Week 3-4 Nathan Hateley Ivy Bennetto
    Grade 1G Week 3-4 Taleah Proctor Hunter Karlis
    Grade 1ST Week 1-2 Jake Schembri Milla Buxton
    Grade 1ST Week 3-4 Ricardo Palombieri Hazel Ablett
    Grade 2AK Week 3-4 Jasmine Lord Elsie Drissen
    Grade 2BC Week 3-4 Elias Martinez-Villalobos Evelyn Onus
    Grade 2MW Week 3-4 Charlotte Hartcher Audrey Smythe
    Grade 3/4D Week 1-2 Beau Beechey Annabelle Lyall
    Grade 3/4GP Week 1-2 Noa Welch Kai Aitken
    Grade 3/4GP Week 3-4 Hayden Nooy Eliza Biorchi
    Grade 3/4I Week 1-2 Kailey Huglin Hunter Vann
    Grade 3/4I Week 3-4 Amalia Masterson Laken Backman
    Grade 3/4JW Week 1-2 Miles Robinson Scarlett Sedgwick
    Grade 3/4JW Week 3-4 Adrian Marki Rose Robbins
    Grade 3/4WR Week 1-2 Austin Ferris Skyla Crimmins
    Grade 3/4WR Week 1-2 Nardya Hart Lachlan Hynd
    Grade 3/4WR Week 3-4 Imogen Quinn
    Grade 5/6 L Week 1-2 Tia Stoll Nate Blaney
    Grade 5/6 L Week 3-4 Jett McGibney Theia Wells
    Grade 5/6B Week 1-2 Reb Kensley Isaac Taylor
    Grade 5/6B Week 3-4 Angus Maling Ivy Marshall
    Grade 5/6LM Week 3-4 Eli Spargo Caiden Perera
    Grade 5/6TM Week 1-2 Sebastian McDonald Grace Rushbury
    Grade 5/6TM Week 3-4 Summer Veale Ashton Smethurst


    Teacher: Mrs Catherine McKenna



    Premiers’ Reading Challenge

    Congratulations to these students who completed the Premiers’ Reading Challenge in 2023. They received their certificates in assembly.

    Natalie Hateley, Holly Hateley, Nathan Hateley, Izzy Simsir, Zoe Simsir, Hayden Diaz, Lou Lockett, Nardya Hart, Lilly Winterton, Jane John, Emily Melville, Audrey Byrne and Scarlett Byrne.

    The reading challenge for 2024 will open in early March and runs until September. It is a challenge completed at home and supported at school.

    If you would like your child to participate or your child would like to participate, please email me and I will sign them up.  

    All students are invited to be participants.

    Here is some information about the number of books to read.


    Library Bag for all students please.

    It is great to see so many enthusiastic students coming into our library each week to borrow books.

    Many students know exactly what they want to borrow and other students browse however they are not sure what they want to read next.

    I invite you to open our St Ita’s Library Homepage. This is our online catalogue that is available to the students to borrow at school. You are welcome to browse with your child through the books at home. Search different genres, topics and themes. To assist them in remembering books they would like to borrow, jot down the title and call number too.

    Students must have a library bag to borrow books for home.




    Camp Australia Co-Ordinator: Carmelina De Cesari

    Contact Number: 1300 105 343




    Who is this God?


    Mark’s gospel gives the game away from the start – this is the beginning of the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. But what does that mean?

    Jesus’ A Team: Peter, James, and John, have been privileged witnesses to much of Jesus’ ministry to this point, but still, it is not clear. Their leader, not only a powerful preacher, healer and prophet is something more: “Beloved Son” of the Creator. Wow!

    Even after this Transfiguration experience (Mark 9:2-10) they don’t fully understand God or God’s beloved Son or the Good News message that is the Son’s mission. Transfiguration gives a tantalising glimpse of the Creator’s loving relationship with the Son, whose example and Good News in turn is about a close, all loving, Father.

    God is unimaginable for us. Anything we say about God is simply an attempt to encapsulate that which is way beyond our understanding. How preposterous for us or anyone claiming to absolutely know or to understand the mind of God!

    We have outgrown childish images of God as a long-bearded old man floating on white clouds with harp playing angels. Outgrown too the notion of a distant, vengeful God hurling lightning bolts at human transgressors.

    Pope Francis challenges us to expand our thinking by allowing a new wisdom to shape the understanding of our faith, our world, and our images of God.

    “At the end” Pope Francis teaches us, “we will find ourselves face to face with the infinite beauty of God (1 Cor 13:12) and be able to read with admiration and happiness the mystery of the universe, which with us will share in unending plenitude.” “Eternal life will be a shared experience of awe, in which each creature, resplendently transfigured, will take its rightful place”. (Laudate Si #243)

    Deacon Mark Kelly




    Parent/Child Workshop @ St Itas Hall - 13th March at 7pm

    First Reconciliation Sacarament @ St Itas Church - Thursday 21st March    

    Ph: 03 5623 1642


    Phone: (03) 5623 1642 Email:


    Check out our Catholic Parishes of Warragul & Drouin Facebook presence.