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T3 W9 2023 Newsletter

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T3 W9 2023 Newsletter


St Ita’s Catholic Primary School acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 



    Thank you to everyone in our school community for making our Grandparent’s/Special Friend’s day such a wonderful success.

    The kids were so proud to be presenting the Liturgy, and their singing performances to such a special audience. Our Teacher’s also did a great job getting the kids prepared to this level. I know a lot of work is involved, but this day is always very special for our school.

    The feedback from so many Grandparents was that we showcased an amazing day!

    Thanks to all those who contributed to the beautiful morning tea. It was greatly appreciated by all and I am proud to announce that the collection taken up for the Drouin St Vincent De Paul, group raised over $1,300. We feel privileged to be a part of a community who can offer such generous support to those in need, this money will help continue the amazing work this group does to support those who are in need locally.

    Grandparents are like a big warm hug. They love your children with a ferocity that only matches your own. But they also offer kids a whole heap of patience and wisdom gained from years of their own experience.

    They come bearing treats for their grandchildren! Just to make life that little bit sweeter.

    The importance of grandparents in a child’s life is undeniable. Here’s why and what the experts have to say about it:

    They wrap your child in endless love

    While parents might have been up in the night and awake since the crack of dawn and frazzled from the stress of juggling work and parenthood, Grandparents have more time and patience to shower their grandchildren with love and attention.

    They have the time to really focus on their grandchildren – to get down on the floor and play with them, to hold their hands on a walk and talk to them.

    It’s also an unwritten rule that grandparents are allowed to spoil their grandchildren more than a little and can relax the rules from time to time.

    They might give extra treats, later bedtimes, longer bedtime stories or just let their grandchildren have more fun and simply be children.

    This is often a breath of fresh air and a welcome change from time-pressured parents.

    They can be the calm in the storm

    Because they are free from doling out discipline Grandparents hold a unique position. They can listen to their grandchildren without judgement, criticism or without having to lay down the law.

    Instead they can gently guide them to find a solution or to feel better. They are a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear for all sorts of problems. Especially those that grandchildren might not feel as easy talking to their own mum and dad about.

    Spending time with grandparents can act as a buffer against the busyness and stress that children can feel in their lives. The Impact of Grand parenting on the Well Being of Children, children themselves reported that time spent with grandparents as being a calm time, in which few demands were made of them and they were able to relax precisely because their grandparents were calm

    They share all sorts of new skills

    Grandparents have a whole host of skills and wisdom that they share with their grandchildren. And they make the most patient teachers.

    There’s nothing lovelier than helping Grandma bake a cake or learning how to knit a scarf. There’s nothing more fun that helping Granddad finish his crossword or fix the lawnmower.

    The lessons that Grandparents teach are organic and unstructured. They just happen during time spent with them and kids can join in at their side.

    Because there’s no pressure, children are often keener to learn too.

    They have so much fun by their grandparents’ side that often they don’t even realise they are learning at all.

    They make our children happier

    Studies have proven that children who have a close relationship with their grandparents are happier.

    Grandparents play a vital and important role in children’s wellbeing.

    The study of over 1500 children found that those who had a strong relationship with their grandparents had fewer emotional and behavioural problems than those without.

    And that this support lasts throughout the turbulent teenage years. The study found a link between grand parental involvement and adolescent wellbeing.

    The relationship between your kids and their grandparents is one to be treasured. It makes their lives richer, better and happier in so many ways.

    They’re the keepers of communities

    Grandparents are family historians.

    They share stories and secrets of times gone by with their grandchildren. They can make history come alive.

    Wide eyes light up as grandchildren hear tales about how Great Grandma had to use powdered eggs to make cakes during the war. Or how Granddad had to catch a steam train to school, where he was scared of getting the belt from the fierce geography teacher.

    They often keep up long established family traditions. They bring the extended family and cousins together for high days and holidays.

    Whether it’s painting eggs at Easter time or all searching for the silver coins in the Christmas pudding, they make their grandchildren’s lives a little more fun.



    What an amazing morning we had on Friday 1st September for our Father’s Day Snagarama. The sun was out the coffee was flowing and it was great to catch up with all the dads.  A huge shout out to our new Parents & Friends Committee who got our Father’s Day stall up and running in a very short space of time. The kids were really excited having the opportunity to shop for Dad. The balloons were an added bonus and freebie picked up by our eagle eyed Board Member, Rosa Jagoe! 



    Our Parents and Friends meeting was held last Wednesday night and I’m pleased to announce that all of our office holder positions have been filled. There is a real buzz of excitement about what is being planned for the school moving forward, this is a great group of parents who bring many talents and I look forward watching them help improve St Ita’s.

    President: Ashley Durand

    Vice Presidents: Rosa Jagoe

    Treasurer; Maree Admiraal

    Secretary: Halie Macefield

    School Board Rep: Teagan Smethurst and Tiffany Clarke

      Andrew Osler

      St Ita's Principal



      Friday 15th September - Final Day of Term 3 - 2.20pm finish - Assembly will be at 12.30pm in the hall. 

      Wed 13th - Fri 15th September - Grade 4 Camp @ Phillip Island

      Monday 2nd October - Student Free Day 

      Wednesday 11th October - First Holy Communion @ St Josephs Warragul 7pm

      School Colour Fun Run - 17 November (This aligns with Rainbows for Rose)


      Rainbows for Rose is a celebration to honour the memory of Rose McMahon. Rose was a past student here who died in a tragic vehicle accident. We celebrate her birthday with opportunities to share colour and happy memories. This year it will fall on our School Colour Run - what better way to remember Rose then 400 students getting coloured in amazing colours and rainbows! More information to come! 


      A reminder to all parents and carers that we have a school closure day is coming up on Monday 2nd of October. On these days staff will be participating in Professional Development, based on using student data to inform teacher planning.

      FINAL DAY - TERM 3

      A reminder to all parents and carers that school will conclude for Term 3 on Friday 15th September.  There will be an assembly commencing at 12.30pm, parents attending the assembly are welome to take children home after assembly, however please ensure that you advise your childs classroom teacher via ClassDojo if this is your intention. Students will be dismissed at 2.20pm to coincide with local bus services.



      Every family needs a little help from time to time. Are finances stressing you out?  Is parenting feeling a little too hard some days? Your children’s emotions difficult to manage? Is their behaviour disrupting the whole household and impacting their time at school? Anglicare Victoria Family Services are now located on site every Thursday to provide support in these areas, or even if you just need to have a chat.

      Completely confidential, non judgemental, we are here to support you and your family.  Contact Heath on 0499 007 031 or ask for Heath at the office any time on Thursday.



      A reminder to all parents who are entering the school as classroom helpers or parent support during speech and or OT sessions;

      • You must enter via the Admin Office and sign in via the iPad, where you will be required to enter your Working with Children WWCC) details.
      • Please ensure you have your WWCC card with you at all times as it is a requirement of DOSCEL that you carry this card with you whilst you are onsite. 


      School Fee statements have been forwarded to all families via Email, if you have not received your statement please make contact with us so that we can check your details and ensure we have your correct Email details. 

      Term 1-3 Fees are now overdue, please make arrangements to bring your account up to date as soon as possible.

      Direct Debit and Credit Card payments can be set up at any time, please contact School Admin to assist with putting these options in place. 

      Contact: or (03) 5623 7222



      Congratulations to all of our students who participated in the winter sports held at Marist Sion College on Friday 1st September.



      Congratulations to Larissa Brown who recently boundary umpired the Youth Girls Footy Grand Final.

      Pretty great effort!!!!



      Teacher: Mrs Catherine McKenna



      Borrowing has finished for this year.

      Please return all library books as soon as possible. Overdue notices will be sent out later in the week.

      I will keep the library bags in the library ready for 2024.

      All students require a library bag at St Ita’s to borrow books. Please ensure your child has one to participate in the library program next year. Beleza School Uniforms sell school library bags for $14.


      Thank you to our parent helpers this year; Cathy Pederson, Rachael-Lee Seabrook and Cristina Brown. Their help has been invaluable, and we are forever grateful to them for covering most of the new books that come into our library.



      The local library is a brilliant resource.


      Just a reminder to parents and new families that we have a subscription to Story Box Library. There is a link to the website below, or you can download the app. I encourage you to try it out.



      If your child isn’t into reading, or if they haven’t found the genre that they love yet, get them listening to audio books. Also known as ear-reading, it’s a great way for our students to explore and develop a love of story. I use the app BorrowBox which is free through the Local Community Library-Myli.




      Australian theologian Fr Frank Moloney tells us, “The number of people who have turned away from the Church because they found it too forgiving is not large! Many have abandoned it because they found it unforgiving.”(Moloney, F. This is the Gospel of the Lord)

      It is astounding how often a small passage of scripture is used to justify actions quite contrary to the original purpose!  As with any large text, simply picking up the Bible and taking a wild stab at a part of scripture is likely to be unsatisfactory and misleading. Some scripture is intended to be read literally, some as metaphor, some as linking the Old and New Testaments and some again pointing to moral positions. At the very least, it should be read in the context in which it is written and in relation to other messages around it.

      Jesus, in this week’s gospel from Matthew (Matt 18:15-20), tells his community to treat anyone who refuses to listen like a pagan or a tax collector. On the strength of this some Christians understand him to mean, “ignore them or cut them out of the community.” Obviously they haven’t read down to the following passage where Jesus tells Peter to forgive such people seventy seven times (ie: limitlessly). And they haven’t noticed Jesus’ particular affection for people on the margins, especially both pagans and tax collectors.

      Christians do need to speak truths and we do need to point out when people stray from the teachings of Christ. He authorises and commissions the Church to bind and loose in this context. We state the truth; we live the truth ourselves and we reach out again and again as Jesus himself did. And at the core of his teaching we find love and forgiveness and so we forgive limitlessly as he taught us, to the point of foolishness.

      Rather than pushing people away, we need to reach out to them as they are, without judgement or condemnation.

      Deacon Mark Kelly


      Last Wednesday all our grade 6 students, as well as St Angela's students went to St Joseph's in Warragul to participate in a Confirmation/Leadership retreat day. 

      Gen Bryant and some Year 10 students from the Youth ministry team from  Marist Sion College facilitated the day. It was a great learning day for our students, it encompassed prayer, songs, games and group activities. 




      On Friday night some of our Grade 6 students are making their Confirmation, the ceremony will be celebrated by Bishop Greg Bennet and held at the Marist Sion College Hall.

      Please pray for these students and their families; Mischa Crimmins, Ebony Gibbons, Georgia Noonan, Reece Fitzgerald, Larissa Brown, Greg Reidy, Heath Driscoll, Elizabeth Buckley, Braeden Morris, Chloe Gargan, Pedro Espinosa and Chol Akang 



      Advance Notice - Parent Information Night

      There is a compulsory parent information night about First Holy Communion at St Joseph’s Church in the Marion Room at 7:00pm on Wednesday 11th October. The session will be run by renowned Priest Fr Elio Capra


      Phone: (03) 5623 1642 Email:


      The position of Sacrament Coordinator for the Parishes of St. Joseph’s and St. Ita’s has become available based at St Joseph’s Parish Office Warragul. The primary purpose of this role is to coordinate the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

      Hours of work are two days a week 9-3pm. There will be ongoing training and support provided. For a position description please contact Fr Confidence via email.

      Applications are to be submitted by email to by Friday 15th September.




      Check out our Catholic Parishes of Warragul & Drouin Facebook presence.