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T3 W2 2020 Newsletter

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T3 W2 2020 Newsletter


We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we are situated and remind you that we are gathered on Aboriginal land.

We acknowledge the Elders of this land both past and present.


The Kingdom is Absolute

Awakening us to the Kingdom of Heaven which Jesus emphasises in today’s gospel (Matt 13:44-52) is the whole point of his birth, death and resurrection. We humans are a pretty thick bunch.

That’s why all through the eons since creation, though God taught us through the prophets, through Abraham and Moses, but we never quite got how He wants to relate to his creation or how he wants us to relate to one another. The Son’s incarnation as a vulnerable human was the only way to get through to us. It is all about the Kingdom of God!

Pope Paul’s apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Nuntaindi (which the future Pope Saint John Paul II was very influential in drafting and the current Pope Francis described as “the greatest pastoral document ever written”) sums it up really. For Jesus only the Kingdom is absolute and it makes everything else relative. And Jesus has commissioned us all to be examples and witnesses to the Good News of God’s Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Heaven is mystery, we can never fully grasp it, but, like those first Galilean peasants, we are overjoyed to hear that, far from coming as a harsh, vengeful, nit-picking king, God is the King who loves us absolutely, intimately, infinitely. To be part of His Kingdom though, we need to get wholeheartedly on board. There are no short cuts. Jesus uses analogies in this gospel to teach that being part of the Kingdom he has come to establish amongst us means being prepared to give everything away for the sake of the Kingdom.

Thankfully we have an infinitely merciful God who knows our hearts and our struggles. Jesus’ parable about the dragnet suggests that who is in God’s favour and who isn’t is God’s business. Ours is to reach into our store of things old and new (v52), aware and tolerant of the world around us, witnessing to God’s limitless love. 

Deacon Mark Kelly         




Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we have had to change our plans for the Sacrament of Confirmation and the Sacrament of First Holy Communion for this year.

Due to restrictions, we have decided to aim for our Confirmation preparation to begin with an information meeting on the 13th October, 2020 in St Joseph’s Church Warragul for parents and candidates. We will be sending a letter of invitation home early next week with our Grade 6 students. This letter will include all the preparation dates for your diaries. At this stage we are hoping the present restrictions will be eased by October. Updates will be sent home if there are any changes.

Unfortunately, we have also had to postpone our First Holy Communion plans due to restrictions. The Sacrament of First Holy Communion will take place next year, 2021 for our Grade 4s and 5s. Further information will be sent home later in the year when dates have been decided.

We sincerely thank you for your patience, please know you are all in our prayers.

For any inquiries please contact Thérèse Meggetto, Sacrament Co-ordinator on 0439 306 642.                                                    


Check out our Catholic Parishes of Warragul & Drouin Facebook presence.

We hope to post Mass each Sunday.



    As we outlined to all parents and carers last week, we are now required to screen the temperature of every child and staff member daily at St Ita's upon arrival at school.

    Could I please ask all families to follow the current guidelines set out below to ensure that we are all operating safely and responsibly during COVID-19 ? Following the correct procedures below helps to keep all in our learning community safe.

    As of tomorrow, Thursday 23rd July all teaching staff will be required to wear a mask whilst at school but not during face to face teaching.

    Drop off at school is from 8.30am - 9.00am each morning and all children must enter the school through either the Main Admin Gate or via the Drouin Rec Reserve Gate & have their temperature checked. Please do not drop your child at school prior to 8.30am as students arriving early will not be supervised, will not be able to enter the school site and cannot be seated in our Admin area due to social distancing requirements. Students are not to be left unattended without a parent outside of the school grounds prior to 8.30am. Camp Australia is available for supervision prior to 8.30am if required. Gates for student pick up at the end of the day will be open at 3.15pm.


    All parents using the car-line in the Admin Area for drop off and pick up are reminded that there is to be no right turn into the school, cutting in front of cars that are already in line waiting to turn left into school. Parents are asked to go down to the bottom of Victoria Street, through the roundabout and then come back up the hill joining the line of cars entering the school via a left hand turn.

    Last few week I had several parents contact me about cars cutting in front of them during pick up and drop off. Please do not enter St Ita’s via a right hand turn off Victoria Street as its unsafe and unfair on those already waiting patiently to participate in drop off or pick up. Please do not cut in front of cars in the bus bay area that have left a gap, the bus bay is to be kept clear at all times.
    We thank you for your continued support during these COVID-19 times.


    As part of our responsibility to keeping all in the St Ita’s Learning community safe during Covid-19 times we will be making sure all the previous Covid-19 routines and safety measure are still in place at our school.

    We will continue to promote:

    • students keeping healthy and clean
    • correct hand washing and sanitizing procedures whilst at school
    • practicing correct social distancing whilst at school
    • safe pick up and drop off procedures at school
    • daily morning temperature checks of all students arriving on site.

    As we have students attending St Ita's who live West of the Bunyip River and as per the directive from DOSCEL last week, all students will have their temperature checked daily when arriving on site at each entry point of the school. If any student display an elevated temperature (37.5c or higher) they will not be able to enter the school and will need to be taken home exiting the school site.

    If your child is showing any signs of illness please do not send them to school. If your child is displaying any flu like symptoms our advice would be to seek medical advice and keep them at home until you receive the clearance for your child/ren to return to school.



    What causes separation anxiety disorder?

    Nearly all children experience brief feelings of anxiety about being away from a parent and display clingy behavior. Typically these normal bouts occur when a child is between 18 months and 3 years old, although older children can have passing feelings of separation anxiety during times of stress. The difference between these normal feelings of anxiety and a disorder like SAD is that a child with separation anxiety disorder will experience an extended and extensive period of fear and distress about being apart from familiar people and places and the degree of anxiety or fear is notably out of proportion to the reality of the situation. Anxiety disorders like SAD are linked to biological, family and environmental factors.

    Biological factors
    The brain has special chemicals, called neurotransmitters, that send messages back and forth to control the way a person feels. Serotonin and dopamine are two important neurotransmitters that, when “out of whack,” can cause feelings of anxiety.

    Family factors
    Just as a child can inherit a parent’s hair colour, a child can also inherit that parent’s anxiety. In addition, anxiety may be learned from family members and others who are noticeably stressed or anxious around a child. Parents can also contribute to their child’s anxiety without realizing it by the way they respond to their child. For example, allowing a child to miss school when they are anxious about going, likely causes the child to feel more anxious the next school day.

    Environmental factors
    A traumatic experience (such as a divorce, illness, or death in the family) may also trigger the onset of separation anxiety disorder.

    Who is affected by separation anxiety disorder?

    About 4% of younger children have SAD, while the estimate for adolescents is slightly lower. Girls are affected more often than boys.

    What are the symptoms of separation anxiety disorder?

    Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a condition that causes a child to feel intense worry and fear at the prospect of being away from family members, other people, and even places (most commonly home) that he cares about. Children with SAD can’t just “put their worries aside” no matter how hard they try. They feel much more anxious, and for a much longer period of time, than other children in the same situations.

    Common fears experienced by children with SAD Include:

    • Worry about separation
    • Worry about death or harm to a loved one
    • Worry about something bad happening to herself
    • Worry about being alone
    • Worry about sleep and nightmares

    The consistent factor in any worry associated with SAD is that the child’s fear is unrealistic. What she fears will happen is very unlikely to happen. Physical symptoms usually occur when there is a separation or anticipated separation. They may include:

    • Nausea/ vomiting
    • Quick breathing or difficulty catching one’s breath
    • Muscle aches (especially stomach and headaches)
    • Fatigue

    How common are anxiety disorders?

    Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental, emotional and behavioral problems affecting children. About 13 out of every 100 children ages 9 to 17 years old experience some kind of anxiety disorder, such as separation anxiety disorder. Approximately 4% of children suffer from separation anxiety disorder.

    How can I tell if my child has separation anxiety disorder?

    All kids experience some separation anxiety. For infants and toddlers it is a normal stage of development which is connected to developing an attachment to parents and other caregivers. In older children, certain separation fears and worries are typical for their age. For example, let’s say your child is starting his first day of kindergarten. He is likely to show some anxiety and discomfort when getting up and ready for school and going into the school for the first time. He may even cry when he comes home and say he wants to stay home and not return to school. If this period of anxiety is minor (he is comforted by reassurance), lasts only a few days, and is replaced by a return to his normal mood and activities, this is probably normal separation anxiety. However, if your child remains significantly distressed about being away from you during the school day (to the point where he is physically ill, can’t focus, isn’t soothed, and is disrupted in other activities), this may be separation anxiety disorder.

    What is the difference between separation anxiety disorder in children and in adults?

    Separation Anxiety Disorder is uncommon in adults. With anxiety in general, children usually don’t realize how intense or abnormal their feelings of anxiety have become. It can be difficult for a child to know that something is “wrong.”

    How can I prevent separation anxiety disorder?

    While anxiety disorders such as SAD cannot be prevented altogether, seeking treatment as soon as you notice that your child has a problem can reduce the severity of the problem and improve your child’s quality of life. Some other tips include:

    • Stay calm in front of your child, as she often looks to you for how to react in new and uncertain situations.
    • Avoid providing an excessive amount of reassurance since this may signal more, not less, to worry about.
    • Teach your child how to problem solve, cope, and reassure herself.
    • Limit the avoidance of activities. Though avoidance may temporarily reduce distress, it will allow the anxiety to grow and make things more difficult for your child in the future.
    • Provide support and praise for small victories in separation rather than consequences for the difficulties, since consequences tend to increase anxiety. 


    Yesterday INSIGHT SRC surveys were sent home via students to a random selection of parents at St Ita’s. These school climate surveys are designed to paint a parent perspective of our school as a Catholic Learning community.

    INSIGHT SRC surveys are completed each year as part of our school improvement and are filled out by all our students in grades 3-6, all our teaching staff and 60 randomly selected parents. The data collected is collated and presented to our school leadership team by the DOSCEL management team.

    We appreciate all parents taking the time to fill out the survey either on-line or on the paper copy provided (please seal paper copies if applicable and return to school admin by Thursday next week). The data that you provide to us at school helps us to ensure that we are always striving to do our best for all our children. Please complete all surveys by Thursday 30th July.

    NEW SCHOOLZINE SZapp repla
    ces Skoolbag


    We are now using a new school notification App from Schoolzine which works inconjunction with our new school website. This new app called SZapp will replace the Skoolbag app. Please download the new SZapp to your phone or mobile device today. Skoolbag notifications will cease at the end of July.


    Term 3 school fees are now due for families not on a direct debit payment plan.

    For any families impacted financially by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and  have concerns about your financial situation regarding school fees, please contact myself on 5623 7222 during the hours of 8.30am-3.30pm Monday to Friday, or via email: so that we can explore confidential financial support arrangements to enable your child(ren)’s education at our school to continue. 

    For any families that have recently received a Government means-tested health care concession card, please forward a copy of your card to the office to check your eligibility, as a fee concession may apply. The card must be in the name of the parent/fee payer for a fee concession to apply.


    A reminder to all parents regarding St Ita's school uniform policy and the expectation is that all students attend school in the correct school uniform. I have asked all class teachers to alert their students of the correct school uniform for the winter terms and the expectations around being at school in correct school uniform.

    If you child is out of school uniform, could I please ask that you send a note to your child’s teacher explaining your situation or reason. Attached below is the winter uniform for students to be worn during Term 3.

    Boys Winter Uniform Girls Winter Uniform
    Dark grey trousers / or grey shorts Blue tartan tunic                                  (optional navy blue tailored school pants) 
    Royal blue polo shirt with school logo Royal blue polo shirt with school logo
    Royal blue jumper with school logo Royal blue jumper with school logo
    Grey socks Navy blue tights or long socks
    Black lace-up or buckle, leather shoes or boots  (no visible/no colour logos) Black lace-up or buckle, leather shoes  (no visible/no colour logos)
    Grade 6 only - Navy blue bomber jacket with school logo Grade 6 only - Navy blue bomber jacket with school logo
    Optional: Royal blue beanie with school logo Optional: Royal blue beanie with school logo
    Optional: Navy blue rain jacket with school logo Optional: Navy blue rain jacket with school logo

    Please remember to clearly label all clothing and check regularly that the name can be easily read. Teachers cannot identify unmarked clothing, which is often mislaid or wrongly claimed by other children. Please check your child has their own items at the end of each week. Permanent markers wear off, so items must be relabelled regularly or we recommend iron-on labels. 
    Where property is marked clearly it will be returned to the owner. Should marking be indistinct or absent, property will be placed in the lost property cupboard, located in the foyer of the Administration Office.



    Please don't forget to subscribe to the school newsletter via our new school website to receive a copy each each week.




    All classes participated in an on-line school assembly via Google Meet last Friday. These were the class awards presented:

    Holy Spirit 


    Foundation A/N  

    Elizabella Newitt

    Elijah Durand

    Foundation V

    Maeve Butler

    Cody Summerhayes

    Foundation F


    Darcie Miller 

    Grade 1M

    Eleanor Noonan

    Reb Kensley 

    Grade 1G       

    Pippa Biorci  

    Tahlia Atkins

    Grade 1K        

    Natalie Hateley  

    Ivy Marshall 

    Grade 2SB    

    Dakota Lum

    Hadleigh Elton

    Grade 2T       

    Beni Greco                  

    Layla Durand

    Grade 3O     

    Theresa Conroy

    Kobi Aitken

    Grade 3N     

    Oliver Robinson         

    Judd McGibney

    Grade 4L      

    Zara Hick                   

    Alexandra Carmody

    Grade 4M     

    Audrey Clough-Allen   

    Dillon Jagoe

    Grade 5/6LP  

    Willow Welch               

    Asher Burton

    Grade 5/6M   

    Olivia Jinks

    Darcey Seabrook 

    Grade 5/6W     

    Maisy Hickmott           

    Indie Macdonald        

    Grade 5/6B         

    Nate Joiner 

    Scarlet Orton

    Grade 5/6A    

    Caleb Kleeven

    Jacob Rushbury


    We currently have many un-named school jumpers & personal items in the lost property cupboard located in the school admin office. Do these belong to anyone?




    We are seeking the assistance of generous cooks in our school community to help provide some cooked meals or snacks for our food bank freezer. We do not require gourmet meals, just hearty family meals (ie casseroles, soups, pasta dishes, lasagna, stew, rice dishes, sausage rolls, cake) that children may also enjoy & will freeze well.

    If you are able to assist, we are happy to provide foil or plastic containers which you can fill and label with the contents, including a list of ingredients used and the date that it was cooked. Items can be brought to the school office this term for us to place in the freezer.

    These meals are available to all families who may be experiencing temporary family stress and provide a little comfort and convenience when it may be needed. If at any time you are in need or know of someone in need, please call the school office on 5623 7222 & we will do our best to help out. All information is handled sensitively and confidentially.


    school_photo.jpgSchoolpix school photos are scheduled to take place in Term 4 on Friday 16th October.


    This year, our annual school concert is scheduled to be performed in term 4 on Thursday 12th November at the West Gippsland Arts Centre in Warragul, with concert practise to take place at the Art Centre on Wednesday 11th November.  (Please note this date will be subject to the removal of Covid-19 restrictions).

    CAREMONKEY is changing names to OPEROO


    This is a quick note to inform you that St Ita's digital forms and school operations platform provider, CareMonkey, will be rebranding as ‘Operoo’: School processes, without the paperwork

    The name change will occur the week beginning Monday August 3rd. How you use the service, as well as the ownership and operation of the company, will remain unchanged. You can continue using the system, and its mobile application, as usual. Just be aware that, after Monday August 3rd, emails and notifications sent from the system will start appearing under the new name ‘Operoo’. You will also be automatically diverted to the new Operoo website if you go to the old CareMonkey website.

    Please check the PARISH BULLETIN section for updates on the Sacrament of Confirmation & First Holy Communion for Grades 4 -6



    by Mrs Catherine McKenna

    Check out our Annual Book Fair - it is virtual this year !

    Please see the above attachment or the link below to open our Book Fair, virtually this year! 

    Our Book Fair is open now until next Monday the 27th July.

    3 easy steps

    1. Click the link to take you to the Virtual Book Fair.
    2. Choose St Ita's from the drop-down list and type your student’s name. 
    3. At the end of the transaction, put the delivery address as St Ita's and every order will be delivered to school with the students name on your own order.

    Super easy! 



    Issue 5 of Book Club is also open at the moment. First round of orders for free delivery to the school will close tonight. It will be open until the end of next week for the second round of orders with free delivery to the school. All orders must be placed via the Scholastic Book  Club LOOP. Please click on the link below to see the latest catalogue or to place an order.


    We have more new books in our library! Thanks to Cristina Brown for covering this lot. The students have nearly borrowed all of them today!   



    Thanks for your support,

    Catherine McKenna

    Library Teacher